Skin Care Tips For Teenagers and Adults

There’s an entire skin care management system called Acnezine that finds the source of your acne and not only heals the blemishes you have, but also treats future outbreaks that you don’t even see yet. It eliminates spots, pimples, redness, blackheads and whiteheads safely and also works to cleanse the entire body.

Pimples usually develop after blackheads or whiteheads have become infected.

There are oil glands on your chest, face and back numbering in the thousands. In fact, between the nose and cheek areas there are as many as two thousand oil glands every square inch. The function of these oil glands is to lubricate the skin by producing oil, or sebum. Herbal Face masks can be used to reduce oil secretion from those glands.

Herbal Face Mask is good for your face skin.

You need to care about your face by adding the facemask in your life routine. This is healthy habit give you complete and fresh effect. Clean your face pours with the boiled water and then cleans your face with towel and applies facemask on it. Give it 15 to 20 minutes on your face and wash it with cold water. Do it after every 15 or 20 days.


Contrary to what most people think, having a facial at a beauty saloon is not a luxury. Professional facials help in a deep-cleansing routine that you cannot possibly do for yourself at home. Facials involve:

. Steaming, which helps to open out pores

. Cleansing to remove blackheads and white heads.

. This is followed by a face mask for skin rejuvenation.

The beginning of teenage heralds puberty – a time when the body goes through tremendous physical changes.
A great deal of hormonal activity takes place, affecting the glands. The oil glands are also stimulated, leading to excessive secretion of oil. That is why teenagers are confronted with an oily skin and conditions associated with it. As we know, an oily skin is prone to blackheads and spots.

Here’s some advice from beauty experts on skin care for teenagers :

We are all born with good skin. A baby’s skin is soft, smooth and free from blemishes and problems. The genetic factor does play a role in determining the texture and colour of the skin, but many other factors put together can actually make or mar its beauty.
Air pollution can wreak havoc on your skin. Body parts that are protected show less signs of aging than those exposed to the pollutants in the air. To protect yourself, there are two things that you can do:

1. Wash your face when you return home with a good face wash or soap to remove the dirt and other elements from the surface of the skin.

2. Make sure you use a mild cleanser regularly.

Daily use of vitamin-C can help reduce wrinkling and other signs of skin aging.

There is a particular kind of vitamin-C called ‘L-Ascorbic acid‘, which is found in oranges and lemons that is particularly good for skin. Vitamin-C supplements are also helpful.There are few creams or gels available, which contain ‘L-Ascorbic acid’. When they are applied to the skin, they may soak up free radicals.
Excessive sun-exposure can lead to loss of moisture from the skin, dark patches and even premature aging. The skin needs physical protection against harmful rays which is provided by sunscreens. A few tips on buying and using sunscreen lotions:
A good sunscreen should provide protection against the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.
Check the SPF or Sun Protection Factor on the label.
1.Caring Carrot Mask: Take a carrot, grate and mix it well with one spoon of honey. Apply this all over the face and leave it for only 15 minutes. Now wash and feel the difference after regular use.
2.Punch of a Pineapple: After mashing up well a pineapple slice, mix it with the juice of an orange or a lemon and add all these ingredients with wheat flour. Apply this mixture on the face and neck and you would be able see the results in a week’s time